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Purpose of Alma Dental Clinic; In the first stage, prevention and education for loved ones to improve the oral health situation, and in the next stage, treatment and prevention of the development of dental lesions, and finally, the complete satisfaction of dear clients from the health and beauty of their teeth. The first step to achieving a beautiful smile is to go to the clinic and consult with specialist dentists for free. Because you deserve this beautiful smile to shine with more confidence next to your loved ones.


Amalgam and composite, the choice of the appropriate material for filling depends on the extent of caries, the position of the decayed tooth and note the allergy to a particular material

Dental implants

The best replacement for missing teeth is a dental implant. Dental implants are made of metal bases made of titanium.

root canal

Root Canal Therapy is the treatment of root canal diseases. The root is made up of two parts, hard and soft tissue.


If you have lost your teeth for any reason, dentures will help you to restore your beautiful smile.

Beauty and smile design

Cosmetic dentistry is a combination of specialized dental disciplines, especially orthodontics, cosmetic restorations and prostheses.

Fixed and movable orthodontics

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